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Developed News Story | Abul Kalam | Founder of ITcians | Flutter & Laravel Developer | Pakistan | Struggles 2022

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Story | Pakistan | Abul Kalam

“Alhamdulillah! We have started a free training program in Web Development, App Development, Graphic Design, and Freelancing for the interior side of Sindh. Started in my own village, after the flood in Pakistan, most of the people lost their jobs because they were dependent on Farming and Trading in the local market but nothing is left here after the flood! So I and my ITcians took this initiative.

What we have arranged here

  • i5 Laptops (3)
  • WIFI Connectivity via satellite
  • UPS
  • Solar Panels
Abul Kalam | Founder of ITcians | Flutter & Laravel Developer | Pakistan | Struggles 2022

Our local community is supporting us. The response and interest we are having are amazing. The dedication of these young students is greater than the experts we have in our company, totally inspired!”

Services Provided | Abul Kalam

  • IT Consultation
  • Application Development
  • Business Analytics
  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Development
  • iOS Development

Great Nations Keep Words

One look at the surrounding environment, and its visual elements, is sufficient to make the designer, we may say, a viewer too, particularly, interested in it. The visual elements of the environment are considered creative motivators for the designer, developing his visual skills, and his related visual thinking processes, as well as its impact on the designer’s visualization, to be capable of creating rich and authentic designs. A set of mental processes is mainly associated with the skills of visual thinking, as well as the personal emotions related to each designer, which have an important role in honing the different designer’s skills.

The architecture and its sculptural architectural elements reflect the designer’s artistic skills, his ability to observe, and his visual perception, which contributed greatly to the expansion of his visual thinking skills. These can be discerned through reflections of the surrounding environment in his architectural elements designs. By contemplating the natural elements of his surrounding environment, the artist has been able to create innovative aesthetic designs for his creative sculptural architecture that carries the vocabulary and spirit. As well as investigating how contemplating the surrounding environment inspired the artist with all its details, and how he/she treated it as visual and emotional stimulation, that fires up his/her imagination enriches his/her thoughts, and makes them able to reframe it.


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