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They are mass or public media and in other words, they are other mass media that mean a category of items that are of interest to a large number and have emerged from new civilizations. Media means

convey in word and idiomatically is a means of transferring information, ideas and people or society thoughts and concrete and practical medium in the process of communication. So what applies to this definition includes devices such as newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, satellite, Internet, etc. Today, media has a broad definition and as in the past, it is not limited to TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and books.

Nowadays, the media due to their abundance have become individual media and on one hand, they have become massive cultural fronts that extend to all countries, cities, streets, and alleys. They can create social, political, economic behavior and even appetite for education and in many cases, they take precedence of parents, teachers, school, books, and notebooks, in the education of youth. The numerousness of media is constantly increasing that are placed in different categories and groups: Print Media such as newspapers, books, and magazines. Audio media, such as radio. Visual media such as television, cinema, Internet. Media tools such as flyers, brochures, signs, advertisements, catalogs, posters, tracts, placards, logos, promotional videos, short and long films, lectures, conferences, and theater. Organizational or group media such as public relations, publishing companies, film foundations. Meta media such as news agencies, offices of international relations, cartels, broadcasters and trust news, movies, satellite channels.

The relationship that Islamic education attempts to make between man and God is a thralldom relationship or worship. Worship literally means full obedience to the perfect love. Idiomatically worship is a name for whatever God loves including Sayings, thoughts, emotions in individual, social life, and in all intellectual, social, political, economic, and military fields.

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