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People commonly think in terms of conspiracy. Both men and women are frequently obsessed by this notion. The result is that people are living with a kind of besieged mentality. The Qur’an wants to put an end to this kind of negative mentality. In the chapter Al-‘Imran (The Family of Imran), the Qur’an gives us a very important piece of guidance on this subject. The translation of the relevant verse is as follows: Whenever something good happens to you, it grieves them; but when evil befalls you, they rejoice. If you persevere and fear God, their conspiracies will never harm you in the least: God encompasses all that they do. (3:120)

This Qur’anic verse reveals a law of nature. It is a universal law and it is applicable everywhere and at all times. Everyone can follow this advice and solve the problem of conspiracy. According to this Qur’anic verse, the existence of a conspiracy is not the problem. It is a lack of patience and sincerity which is the real problem. Patience means not to react immediately to a situation but to give a well-considered response to the problem. Our world is a world of competition. Moreover, everyone is free to do what one wants to do. In such a situation it is not possible to have a world that is completely free of conspiracies. You cannot eliminate the phenomenon of conspiracy or bad designs, but it is certainly possible to save yourself from being a victim of its harm.  And the formula is very simple: By keeping patience and being sincere, you can make the conspiracy ineffective for you. The best defense of conspiracy or bad design is to take it as a challenge rather than as a manifestation of enmity. Exert your energy on only one front, that is, to meet the challenge. This is the best way to cope with the problem of conspiracy.

Conspiracy or bad design is not evil. It has a great positive value. In fact, it serves as a blessing in disguise. It shocks your mind and activates your intellect. It helps to turn your potential into actuality. It saves you from being a victim of stagnation. Give a positive response to a situation. Assess the situation dispassionately. Plan your action with an objective mind. Conspiracy is a phenomenon of competition and not a phenomenon of enmity. In this world of competition, everyone is practically a ‘conspirator’. Others are engaged in conspiracies against you and you also are engaged in conspiracies against others, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly. Conspiracy is not a monopoly of others. No one in this world is free from this practice. There is only one place that is free from conspiracy or bad design and that is the graveyard.

So, take it easy. Don’t waste your time in complaints and protests. Give a positive response to a situation. Assess the situation dispassionately. Plan your action with an objective mind. By applying wisdom, manage your emotions. Face the situation with a normal mind. Try to win over your self and you will be able to win the whole world of conspiracy and enmity. The secret of success and failure both can be summed up in these words: the result of a negative response is a failure, and the result of a positive response is a success.

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