Community Member Guidelines

  1. USFOOR and its social media accounts exist to connect families to resources and experts in the fields of learning and thinking differences. We welcome anyone willing to join us in this pursuit.
  2. You are encouraged to view as many of USFOOR’s articles, slideshows, infographics, and videos as you wish. Feel free to share what you learn with others both online and offline.
  3. We invite you to participate in the community on USFOOR. We’re building an online community centered around families with children who have learning and thinking differences. We reserve the right to remove content containing obscenity, language that could make families uncomfortable, or the excessive use of profanity. Please be aware, when participating, that we will remove:
    • Content that does not directly relate to larger discussions in a meaningful way
    • Racist, sexist, homophobic, or religiously intolerant content
    • Disrespectful, distasteful, unconstructive, or illegal content
    • Content promoting pseudo­science, conspiracy theories, zealotry, proselytizing, self­-promotion, product­-hawking, or research project inquiries
    • Content posted by members using inappropriate profile names or profile images
  4. If you act disrespectfully, disruptively, or illegally in the community on USFOOR or on our social media channels, we reserve the right to block you or terminate your membership, at any time, and without prior warning.
  5. USFOOR experts are committed to providing families with expert advice that’s free of charge and never influenced by commercial interests. However, all communication between families and experts should only take place within the USFOOR Community, not through personal email.

How to Avoid Having Your Post Removed

No one likes having their contributions removed, but sometimes we have to do that to keep the community pleasant, useful, and safe for everyone. We ask all our community members to refrain from posting:

  • Abuse: USFOOR is not the place for bullying, name-­calling, hateful feedback, threats, harassment, intolerance, or virtual violence.
  • Crass commercialism: USFOOR is not the right place for selling or promoting your product or service. It’s also not the right place for soliciting traffic to your website or looking for research project participation.
  • Spam: Any spam messages will be deleted.
  • Inappropriate: Whether it’s unrelated content or it’s derailing a conversation, topics posted that are not appropriate will be removed.
  • Inappropriate language: USFOOR is not the right place for inappropriate text­-speak, foul language, obscenity, or combative posturing.
  • Inappropriate images: Explicit or inappropriate profile images will result in your account being deleted.
  • Privacy concern: ­If your comment divulges private information (including telephone numbers, mailing addresses, or ways to make in-person contact) about you or another person, it will be deleted. Please don’t post identifying information such as the name of your child’s school or teacher
  • Response to an inappropriate comment:­ Please use the Flag button instead of replying.
  • Terms and Conditions violation: ­We will remove any topic that violates USFOOR’s Terms and Conditions.
  • Other: USFOOR is not the right platform for pseudo­science, zealotry, personal requests, proselytizing, or self-­promotion.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this guide. We look forward to seeing your contributions to the community on USFOOR!

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