Chapter Scripts

Surah Al-Qamar 54:31-55

54:31 Behold, We let loose upon them one single blast [of Our punishment], and they became like the dried-up, crumbling twigs of a sheepfold.


i.e., the ancient revealed scriptures (az-zubur) had made the meaning of good and evil absolutely clear to them, but they willfully disregarded or even consciously rejected that teaching. The above verse implies, firstly, that the basic ethical teachings of all revealed religions are essentially identical, and, secondly~ that God “would never destroy a community for [its] wrongdoing so long as its people are still unaware [of the meaning of right and wrong]” (see 6:131-132, 15:4, 26:208- 209, and the corresponding notes).

54:32 Hence, indeed, We made this Qur’an easy to bear in mind: who, then, is willing to take it to heart?

54:33 Lot’s people [too) gave the lie to all [Our] warnings.

54:34) [And so] behold, We let loose upon them a deadly tempest, and only Lot’s kinsfolk did We save at the break of dawn. 

54:35 As a blessing from Us, thus do We reward all who are grateful.

54:36 For he had truly warned them of Our punishing might, but they stubbornly cast doubt on these warnings. 

54:37 And even demanded that he give up his guests [to them], whereupon We deprived them of their sight [and thus told them, as it were], “Taste, then, the suffering which I inflict when My warnings are disregarded!”

54:38 And, indeed, abiding suffering did befall them early on the morrow.

54:39 “Taste, then, the suffering which I inflict when My warnings are disregarded!”

54:40 Hence, indeed, We made this Qur’an easy to bear in mind: who, then, is willing to take it to heart?

54:41 Now surely, unto Pharaoh’s folk [too] came such warnings. 

54:42 They, too, gave the lie to all Our messages: and thereupon We took them to task as only the Almighty, who determines all things, can take to task.

54:43 Are, Then, those of you who [now] deny the truth better than those others – or have you, perchance, [been promised] immunity in the [ancient] books of [divine] wisdom?

54:44 Or do they say, “We are a group united, [and therefore] bound to prevail”?

54:45 [Yet] the hosts [of those who deny the truth] shall be routed, and they shall turn their backs [in flight]!

54:46 But nay – the Last Hour is the time when they shall truly meet their fate; and that Last Hour will be most calamitous, and most bitter. 

54:47 For, behold, those who are lost in sin [will at that time come to know that it is they who] were sunk in error and folly!

54:48 On the Day when they shall be dragged into the fire on their faces, [they will be told] “Taste now the touch of hell-fire!”

54:49 Behold, everything have We created in due measure and proportion. 

54:50 And Our ordaining [a thing and it is coming into being] is but one [act], as the twinkling of an eye.

54:51 Thus, indeed, did We destroy people like you [in the past], who, then, is willing to take it to heart?

54:52 [They were truly guilty] because all [the evil] that they ever did had been [revealed to them as such] in the [ancient] books of [divine] wisdom.

54:53 And everything [that man does], be it small or great, is recorded [with God].

54:54 [Hence, too] Behold, the God-conscious will find themselves in [a paradise of] gardens and running waters,

54:55 In a seat of truth, in the presence of a Sovereign who determines all things…


The divine scriptures are God’s beacons to the world. Surely God offered His trust to the heavens and the earth, and the hills, but they shrank from bearing it and were afraid of it. And man undertook it.
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