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“What motivates moral protest? Why do some individuals rally to the defense of others? How can we explain why some people are willing to offer their time and give money to improve a lot of creatures who are forgotten, and “without a voice”? The study of animal rights activism, like the study of humanitarian activism, is a good way of examining what underlies all militant movements which claim to be based on altruism, solidarity, and other ethical principles. It should be noted from the outset that the animal protection movement is highly varied and complex. Indeed, any comprehensive survey of activists involves encounters with an amazing variety of individuals from all social backgrounds.

Neighbor Yourself for Kind Souls

Why can animals serve as teachers to man? The reason is that man and animals both were created with the same nature, that is, following the good universal model for behavior. But there was a difference. A man was given freedom of choice, while animals have no choice other than to follow the universal pattern. There are deviations in human behavior but, in the case of animals,  there is no deviation from the path of nature. Due to this difference, man can be right or wrong but animals are always right. So, man should emulate the behavior of animals in his life. This is the best way for man to stick to the straight path adopted by animals under the guidance of nature. A man should study such behavior and discover those good habits that are practiced by animals and imitate them in his own life. For example, tigers are the most powerful animals but they always avoid fighting.”

Addendum | Support Call for Animal Help Center (Pakistan)


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