Animal Care

Abandoned, Stray or Lost Animals and Confiscated Animals

The owner/person/keeper of any animal is obliged to

  • Abandoned, stray, or lost animals, as well as animals confiscated or taken away by the responsible authorities, or their designated agents, that cannot be returned to the original rightful owner or keeper, have to be transferred by the responsible authorities or their designated agents, to a person, institution or organization appropriately authorized.
  • For carrying out agreed functions associated,, the authorized animal shelter, person, or institution in question will receive appropriate compensation from the Competent Authorities or their designated agents in form of remuneration to be agreed upon between the two parties. This should cover both compensations for services and repayment of any reasonable expenses incurred relating to these services.
  • Any person finding an abandoned, stray, or lost animal has to inform the relevant authorities (for instance: the Police, the Competent Authority, or their designated agents directly), who must arrange for the animal to be collected by or delivered to an appropriately authorized person, institution or organization according to the subject Act for safeguarding if an owner cannot be located immediately.
  • The Competent Authority is responsible for ensuring that details of any animal found within its territorial jurisdiction are publicized in a manner widely accessible to the public.
  • Once a stray or lost animal has been collected and delivered to an authorized person, institution, or organization, it can only be handed over to any persons claiming to be the animal’s owner or keeper if there is adequate proof of ownership or custodianship, no liability for abandonment or any breach of animal welfare provisions, and payment has been made for any service charges and expenses incurred. The owner is prohibited from requiring the animal to be euthanized to avoid such costs but instead has the option to transfer ownership to the authorized person, institution, or organization for rehoming.
  • If there is no substantiated request for handing over made by an animal’s owner or keeper(s) within one month from the date of publication, according to paragraph (4) above, then ownership of the animal may be transferred to new owners, who, after investigation, appear to be capable of taking care of the welfare of the animal.

In addition, Authorisation of the Minister responsible, the Ministry or the Competent Authority to adopt any regulations [and establish, as appropriate, ‘Welfare Codes’, standards and guidance] in this context. In many cases where straying is found to be problematic for the authorities or the public, then compulsory identification and registration should be introduced.


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