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Alisha Naqvi | Google DSC Lead’23 | Gold & Regional Leader EMEA at Microsoft Learn | Pakistan | Struggles 2022

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Developed News Story | Pakistan | Alisha Naqvi

“I’m very excited to share that I will be leading Google Developer Student Clubs Air University for the year 22-23 after a successful tenure as a Community Lead and Manager of Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors – Air University, Islamabad and SPIE OPTICA Air University Chapter for the academic year 2021-22. This makes me the first student from Air University, Islamabad to lead three different student clubs through which I am carrying on my mission of bringing a vast impact.

Alisha Naqvi | Google DSC Lead’23 | Gold & Regional Leader EMEA at Microsoft Learn | Pakistan | Struggles 2022

I am looking forward to doing more for the community and bringing the initiatives that will help students of Air University excel in their academic and professional careers.”

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