Greetings with Peace!

“LTA Sense” is a Sanatorium comprehending and producing linguistic relies on complex phonological, syntactic, and semantic representations that incrementally and unconsciously build as the message unfolds in time. Behind these cognitive mechanisms, there are a series of computations that take continuously varying acoustic waveforms as input and output discrete mapped representations. Through our peer-to-peer and social communities, we bring health seekers together so they can support each other in the pursuit of well-being.


To realize the full health potential of every human, everywhere.


LTA Sense is uniting peace-loving and spiritual people of the world day after day, using every peaceful method that will be beneficial and helpful in attaining its objective. From mental health advocates to personal trainers, these are the people that help make our experiences authentic, actionable, and credible. Meet some of the people who inspire us.

Our Approach to Content Integrity

LTA Sense ensures that content upholds the highest standards of medical integrity. Employing conscious language in how we speak, write, and edit reflects our awareness of and dedication to the communities that read our content. Physicians, nurses, public health experts, and patient advocates also help ensure that the information we publish is accurate, evidence-based, current, person-centric, and trustworthy.

Prior to publication, Medical Network experts evaluate the content to ensure that the information is medically accurate, up-to-date with the current standard of care (as determined by diagnostic and treatment guidelines), and is well supported by up-to-date research citations. As such, our content is an accurate reflection of the clinical conversations that occur in healthcare, as well as the clinical decision points between patients and their providers.

The collective experience from the medical professionals who develop content, products, and services can be seen in the medical review of our articles, advisory insights provided on research initiatives, and via the proactive surveillance of the evidence landscape, which ensures that our medical content is at the forefront of healthcare. Our content is created, fact-checked, and reviewed by qualified writers, editors, clinicians, and other contributors.

Our approach to diversity, equity and inclusion

LTA Sense aims to enhance the knowledge, care, and training of modern-day medics through educational programs; publish material for sense care professionals, the society, and support and fund its reach. Our groundbreaking foresight brought together physicians, scientists, speech-language pathologists, performers, and teachers to share their knowledge and expertise in the care and understanding of the human senses through interdisciplinary scientific research and education. Network Members bring experience from across the spectrum of medical specialties, as well as their perspective from years of clinical practice, research, and patient advocacy to ensure readers receive the highest quality health information.

We are committed to actively engaging and amplifying a variety of voices, identities, and perspectives across the health and wellness spectrum to ensure that our culture and our content reflect the diversity we see in our everyday world.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this reading!

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