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“IQRA” is Religious Order Addressor and mainly deals with jurisprudence (fiqh), dialectical theology (kalām), and philosophy (falsafa). Our Board assembles the well-known readings, the causes of descent, the explanation of legal rulings, the mention of reports and traditions, the rarities that belong to the verse, the various aspects and likenesses, and other such things. The third turn will contain the intimations of the recognizers, selection notes from history, the passages of the Sufis, and the subtleties of those who provide reminders. Whenever Divine Authority is respected, communities will remember how the Grandson of The Greatest Benefactor of Humanity Sacrificed His life in Defense of Truth.

Iqra For Today

Devotion is one of the states of the travelers, those who, in their states of encounter and unveilings, have reached the point that paradise with all its trees and streams does not enter into the beauty of their imagination; hell, with all its fetters and shackles, trembles in fear at the burning in their breasts. The viper of this world’s avarice cannot put its fangs into the days of their delight, thorns from the thickets of envy and pride fail to catch in their skirts, dust from the desert of the commanding soul does not sit on the robe of their submission, smoke from the abyss of caprice never reaches their eyes. They look at people with the eye of heedfulness, they speak with the tongue of tenderness, they become familiar with the heart of mercy. They are kings in attribute and beggars in form, sultans of the road in the garment of the indigent, travelers who have nothing of distance, fliers without the causality of wings and feathers, alive with the life of proximity.

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