Greetings with Peace!

“Aaila” empowers families to create nature‑inspired solutions for a healthy planet. Life in the 21st century is hectic, and is often overwhelmed by worldly concerns; so much so, a large part of society tends to forget that morals and manners are a large part of this way of life that is Islam. Kindness to parents is an obligation and we would do well to remember and emulate the behavior of the first Muslims. God does not desire storms to consume you or your family. He wants you to lean in and listen to Him before, during, and after a storm. Let each one of us draw our family closer as it shapes us into God’s Granted Image for Life.  

“Nature is more than the sum of its parts. Explore the connections between individual biological strategies, innovations, or educational resources as leading thinkers, scientists, artists, and others reflect on unifying themes.”

We Coach Parenting strategies at our portal to the wisdom nature holds. Our design patterns dedicate to promoting the practice of looking to nature for inspiration to solve family-inquiry problems in a regenerative way. We hope, the one that will optimize an animal`s likelihood of reproductive success finds a way in the following approach to raising kids.

  • Life span
  • Number of reproductive opportunities over a lifetime
  • Survival Rates of Young
  • Stability of Environments

Heighten the senses and see where an organism, living system, or universal pattern has adopted a strategy that inspires a model for emulation for us. Design with the principles of Life in mind and heart, so the solution is additive and inventive while staying within planetary boundaries. Always end each interaction with reverence and gratitude to the natural world. When we Ask Nature, With the solution in hand, we always end the circle by saying thank you.

Aaila Moral Instructs

Being dutiful to parents, obeying them, and treating them with kindness is embedded in the teachings of Islam, however, obedience to God is always the first and foremost duty in Islam. Access to more resources should translate into people having more children, not fewer. Certainly, there is massive documentation that throughout recorded history, quite a few men opted for more. Kings, emperors, and despots—who had the power to do so—filled their seraglios with fertile women. However, the emphasis on the quantity that holds true for male potentates (and surely we don’t call them that for anything) does not hold true for mothers. The role of the mother in the Islamic family is as equally important as the role of the father, who is the provider and protector of his family. Not only does she go through both the joys and difficulties of pregnancy and giving birth, but she also dedicates the whole of her life to nurturing and caring for her children. It is her responsibility to raise and educate them to be righteous and pious human beings. She cooks, cleans, nurtures, and educates, she is also responsible for their spiritual, emotional, and physical health and well-being. In return, children owe their mothers care, love, affection, respect, and dutifulness. The task God assigned to mothers is large and sometimes overwhelming. Don’t worry, attune to the question that you seek the answer to, and Ask Nature how it would solve this for you. Live Gentle!

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this reading!

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